Sealskinz – Fingerless Merino Glove Liner – Black


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  • Extra comfort and moisture control – High Merino Wool content
  • Breathability – Fabric wicks sweat away
  • Control and accessibility – fingerless gives you full control of touchscreen devices, cameras and more
  • Base layer thermal insulation – Close-fitting design allows them to be worn under another glove

Close fitting inner gloves in fine Merino wool for increased comfort. Ideally worn under our range of waterproof gloves to give added insulation.

  • Single Layer: 98% Merino Wool, 2% Elastane

    Finer than traditional wool with tiny overlapping scales that case each fibre, these scales are hydrophobic (water repellent). Inside it’s a different story, the fibre core is hydrophilic (highly absorbant). Merino is therefore a wicking fibre and can absorb and release 10 times more moisture than synthetics. Each fibre can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet to the touch. In our socks and gloves, the moisture is then wicked through the membrane to keep you feeling warm and dry


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